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SIU @ U 2018 38th Congress of the Société Internationale d´Urologie

Dear members of the Colegio Mexicano de Urología Nacional


In a few short weeks, we will warmly welcome friends and colleagues from across the globe to the 38th Congress of the SIU in Seoul, both in-person and online. We would like to take this occasion to personally announce the 5th edition of SIU@U, now open for registration.



Following the launch of SIU@U in 2014, we have provided a global virtual audience with continuous access to valuable Congress materials. The success of the past four years attests to the fact that SIU@U is an ideal platform for sharing knowledge and access to selected Congress sessions. Given our drive for innovation, we are not satisfied simply relying on past successes and remain dedicated to taking SIU@U to another level where we can inspire creative modes of interaction amongst our audience.



Continuing with last year’s theme, we want to encourage users to ”Join the Conversation”, both online – via chats and discussion forums on the platform – and in their everyday life – by spreading the word about SIU@U through their professional networks. A well-established network is essential for dissemination of knowledge and advancement in medical communities, and SIU@U is a perfect tool for bringing together people who share a common purpose and are looking to connect with their peers.



SIU@U and its programme continue to evolve and grow. During the 2018 Seoul Congress, SIU will broadcast over 30 hours of coverage including: plenary sessions, live surgery, panel discussions, rapid-fire Q&A, sessions specifically designed for residents and nurses, and a much anticipated uT@lks. Select sessions will be available in Korean and users will be able to claim CME credits for certain sessions when watched live.



We hope you share our vision of an international community of urologists collaborating without barriers through education to improve patient care worldwide. We invite you to share this valuable resource with your colleauges and trainees so that we might continue to inspire and engage our friends and colleagues around the world.


Registration is free. To sign up and to view the complete list of sessions and stream times, please click here.


Thankful for your continuous support,


Dr. John Rosette

SIU General Secretary


Dr. Kurt McCammon

Chair of the Office of Education


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